Tb1 Acupuncture Pen + 45min Training


Get 45min of Personal Training with the new TheraBrellaTb1 Acupuncture Pen

  • Use anywhere on your body from ankles to your neck and face
  • Uses single-phase electricity cure system
  • Has 10 different sensitivity and frequency levels
  • Comes with 3 tip attachments and protective carrying case

Shipped within the U.S.
via USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Day)


Tb1 Acupuncture Pen by TheraBrella™ + 45 Minute Personal Training

The TheraBrellaTb1 Acupuncture Pen is a TENS unit and has an EPS (electric point stimulator). This rechargeable electric acupuncture pen that has the ability to automatically detect points. Detection technology is built using a mixture of numerical, sound and light technology combined with precise positioning of acupuncture points to deliver the perfect comfort for your aches. The device has 10 different levels of frequency adjustments and 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment controls.

Saving you from putting needles in your body and delivering a clean and painless acupuncture stimulation for safe and easy comfort. Improving blood circulation and muscle pain therapy. Applicable to hospitals, experience shops, beauty salons, and home use, this device is absolutely safe when used correctly and promises to deliver and quick and hassle-free pain relief.

It is great for someone who is afraid of needles because Tb1 Acupuncture Pens don’t have needles. They mimic the process of acupuncture with the help of electricity. The pen, just like laser acupuncture pen, emits electric pulses and makes sure that your pain points are relaxed. One of the benefits of the electric pen for acupuncture is that it is safe for you to use. The electric pulses that are what reduces your pain easily.

These Tb1 Acupuncture Pens from TheraBrella™ comes with a 45 minute personal training by our very own Co-Founder, Tina Tongen of Tongen Touch™ Massage.

Training is done online through a one on one video conference designed to help you get the most out of your new Tb1 Acupuncture Pen. You can book your 45 minute personal training session with Tina Tongen after the purchase is made. Seasons available Monday – Saturday for a limited time.


Tb1 Acupuncture Pen - 3 attachments for therapy

Tb1 acupuncture pen by TheraBrella™


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