TheraBrella™ - Therapeutic Tools For Better Health

About Us

TheraBrella™ is a brand of herbs, supplements, and therapeutic tools for better health. We manufacture a variety of tools and videos intended to help you feel your best. This comes naturally to us because our company is owned and managed by healthcare professionals.

Neil Sargisian, RM, our CEO, has been in the healing world for many years. He has been a certified Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher for over 9 years. He also has great experience working with supplements and plant medicines. All of the goods offered through the TheraBrella™ brand has been infused with great intention and powerful Reiki healing energy for all those who are open and desiring of it.

One of Neil's favorite herbal supplements is Kratom. After being involved in a traffic accident by no fault of his own, he was prescribed opiates for 4 years to which he developed a strong dependency. Neil attributes Kratom to helping him recover from his opium addiction. He's now been opiate free for over 10 years.

Tina Tongen, LMT, CYT, AOS, Co-Owner, has run a massage practice in Boulder, Colorado for 12 years and has recently opened another healing hub in Denver, Colorado.

A few years ago Tina rebranded her massage therapy practice from Seeds Of Transformation to Tongen Touch™ Massage. Tina is also a yoga teacher and teaches yoga, movement, and breath-work online.

We launched TheraBrella™ as a health care brand to offer some of the most effective therapeutic products we use on almost a daily basis. We love them so much we're happy to share them with the world, so you can enjoy too!