Lab Test Results for Kratom - Red MD

These are the Kratom lab test results from TheraBrella™ that came back from Murray-Brown Laboratories, Inc on July 28th, 2020.

The TheraBrella™ strain we tested is called Red MD, AKA Red Maeng Da.

Lab Test Results for Red MD Kratom from TheraBrella™ - 07/28/2020

It may be important to note that this report is accompanied by a Case Narrative in which the lab tech made the following statement...

Report ID 2007638 has been amended as follows: 7-Hydroxymitragynine reported at actual values found below limit of quantitation. RPC 7-28-20

Lab Test Case Narrative - 07:28:2020

When we asked them about that comment, they explained that in laymen terms it is essentially stating this is below our ability to reliably detect with our methodology and they never really see any of that analyte in plant material.

These tests are pretty pricy, especially for a new company but, we want to assure you the greatest of confidence in our product. We will test other strains regularly in time and keep you updated with each new report.